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Tattoo Pricing

How we price our tattoos varies based on the type of tattoo that you are wanting. Our shop minimum is $60. Many people ask why is there a shop minimum when I am wanting just a very small tattoo? Well the answer is in the cost of the products that we use to ensure that you tattoo is done in a clean and sanitary environment.

       We also take into account the location of the tattoo. Different places on the body are more delicate or may be more difficult to tattoo. Additionally, the style of tattoo you want can alter the price of the tattoo.

        There are many styles of tattoos, from realism, traditional, neo traditional, tribal, Japanese, watercolor, blackwork, illustrative, new school, and chicano style. Each one of these styles makes for a very different tattoo. With that comes a very different pricing scale.


 Sizing a tattoo can be difficult. Sometimes people will come in and want a tattoo that should be larger done very small. There are several issues with this, mainly it will not hold up well or look good within a few years. It is certainly something that has to be taken into consideration when planning your new tattoo. Our talented and knowledgeable artists are happy to help with this.


Each tattoo and each story that goes with that tattoo is unique. We appreciate that here at Anvil Ink and Art. We would love for you to come by the shop and meet our artists. They will sit down with you and talk about your next tattoo and be able to give you an accurate quote on your new tattoo. After you get your new tattoo you can review our aftercare recommendations here.

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