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Tattoo Aftercare


1. Remove the bandage after 1-2 hours in a clean bathroom  

It is important to remove the bandage and clean it gently using an antibacterial soap. Make sure you use soap such as Dial hand soap. Do not use a wash cloth, only use your hands to work up a lather. Use warm water to rinse the soap clean. Gently pat your tattoo dry. DO NOT WIPE!

2. After washing your tattoo

It is important to keep your tattoo moist, not soaking wet but moist. We recommend Aquafor, but their are several other products available. We recommend putting a small thin layer of the product over your tattoo. This prevents the tattoo from drying out as well as from infections.

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3. The first three days

During the first three days after your tattoo appointment, it is not uncommon to experience some weeping from the tattoo. This is completely normal. It is important to clean and apply ointment 2-3 times a day as described in steps 1 and 2. Make sure you only touch your tattoo with clean hands, and do not let anyone else touch your tattoo!

4.After 3 days

After 3 days you should continue to wash your tattoo. At this point instead of using ointment, you should now switch to a plain unscented lotion. This will absorb better into your body and allow the tattoo to heal more naturally. Apply this several times throughout the day.

5.Things not to do!

6. Things you should do 

Listen to your artist on ALL care instructions.

Wear only clean loose fitting clothing.

Keep bed sheets clean.

Discuss any plans that involve strenuous      activity with your artist.

Gently pat your tattoo dry.

Keep your new tattoo moisturized.

If you have any questions or concerns          contact the shop or your tattoo artist!

Do not scratch or pick at your new tattoo!

No washcloths, sponges or loofahs on your fresh tattoo!

No swimming or soaking in water!

Do not wear tight fitting clothing.

Do not listen to anyone other than your artist about healing or care for your new tattoo.

Avoid exposure to the sun with your new tattoo.

Do not wipe the tattoo or be rough with it.

Do not let you animals lick or rub against your tattoo.

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